About autism

A Bit About AUtism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurological disorder that affects various functions of the brain and impacts an individuals ability to develop skills such as social interaction, form relationships and communicate with other people.

The word ‘spectrum’ describes the range of difficulties that people on the autism spectrum may experience and the degree to which they may be affected. Some people may be able to live relatively typical lives, while others may have accompanying learning challenges and require continued specialist support.

An estimated 1 in 70 people have autism, that's almost 230,000 Australians.  There is no medical detection or cure for Autism, however therapy, learning resources and other developmental aids continue to be vital in the development of individuals on the autism spectrum. No two children with autism are the same, and as such, therapy needs to be tailored to meet individual needs.


For more information in relation to the Autism Spectrum Disorder, please visit autismspectrum.org.au.