Behind the charity

Our charity was started in 2014 in aid of Hugo Barrett, a vibrant and excitable young man diagnosed with autism at the age of two.

Like all families who receive a diagnosis for their child, there is a recommendation of therapy and resources to help reach the best potential outcome. Unfortunately, the costs involved with these recommendations can’t always be met and the result is that the potential outcome for the child is often difficult to reach.

In Hugo’s case the recommendation was 20 hours per week, with some sessions costing up to $200 per hour. At the time his family was able to afford 6.

In order to bridge the gap for his nephew’s therapy cost, our founder Luke Williams, who was 14 years old at the time, set out to try and raise enough money to ensureHugo received the full amount of therapy hours he required. It started with finding sponsorship for every run he and his mates scored during that coming cricket season. Then a charity cricket match and donation boxes in businesses across Hobart. Within 12 months the charity was able to fund Hugo’s therapy and began lending a hand to other families in need. For some this was filling the therapy cost gap, for others it was acquiring resources to help at school or around the home.

Working with a range of families and their unique circumstances inspired our All Abilities Sporting Programs. Not only were we able to assist families financially, but now we could offer tailored versions of the popular AFL Auskick and Cricket Australia Cricket Blast programs designed specifically for children with a disability or accessibility challenge. We created the programs so these wonderful kids could learn a range of skills at their own pace, as well as developing social and behaviour skills in a supportive environment.  

A proud Richmond supporter, lover of all things transport, iPad whizz and elevator riding enthusiast, Hugo has been able to excel in a number of areas that were once thought impossible. To date Lend a Hand to Hugo has distributed over $30,000 to families across Tasmania and we continue to raise awareness and funding for all the Hugo’s Australia wide.