Partnership for Pathway

We've partned with New Horizons Tasmania and Cricket Tasmania to help send the Tasmanian team for cricketers with an Intellectual Disability to the 2019 National Cricket Inclusion Championships.

For the third consecutive year, Cricket Australia will conduct the National Cricket Inclusion Championships (NCIC) that will see more than 230 of Australia's most talented blind and vision impaired, deaf and hard of hearing and cricketers with an intellectual disability compete for one of three titles. Showcasing skill, talent and great personalities, the championships will commence in Geelong next week.

Tasmania's sole team will see the states best fourteen cricketers with an Intellectual Disability compete for their respective title. With one in five Australian's having a disability, in partnership with the Commonwealth Bank and Lords Taverners Australia, Cricket Australia have committed to financially supporting these players, who previously had to pay to represent their state.

Hugo plays cricket with some of his new mentors

Despite a significant amount of funding being available for these teams, a small gap is left for the players to fund, therefore, Lend a Hand to Hugo have partnered with New Horizons Tasmania to ensure the players have an affordable and life changing tournament. Similar to our charity, New Horizons provide sport, recreation and social opportunities for people with a disability in Tasmania, particularly in the north of the state.

Due to the generosity of our sponsors and the public, it was an easy decision to support the side; more than 70 kids with a disability participated in our all abilities sporting programs in the past two years. Our belief is that it's important to not only identify the pathway for our young participants, but also promote it to ensure that it's visible to them and their parents. For what is the beginning of a very exciting and potential long term partnership, our programs are only the start of the journey for our participants who in future years will have the opportunity to represent their state and even their country in a team that is accessible and tailored the meet their specialised needs.

As part of the partnership, the Tasmanian representatives will join the Lend a Hand to Hugo team as mentors for our 2019/20 all abilities participants. The side will also don the Lend a Hand to Hugo cricket bat grips and stickers as part of the shared key values between New Horizons and Lend a Hand to Hugo; understanding, acceptance and inclusion.

If you'd like to support this initiative further, you can make a donation, or support our donation box program via either donating or hosting one in your own workplace, club, school or event!

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We're encouraging local businesses to support our donation box program to ensure an accessible and affordable trip for the Tasmanian Intellectual Disability cricket team.